HTML Cleaner

Cleans HTML code by preserving only formatting tags, ensuring the content is optimized for pasting into WordPress.

Important: We recommend copying and pasting from Google Docs, Microsoft Word, or other text editors, not web pages.



Infinitnet's HTML Cleaner is an essential tool designed for SEOs and WordPress users, particularly those who integrate content from various third-party rich text editors.

This tool ensures that HTML code is not only clean but optimized for web publishing, effectively addressing the challenges associated with transferring content from different text editors.

  • Key Focus: Streamlining WordPress content from third-party editors.
  • Primary Benefit: Cleaner and optimized HTML for better web publishing.

Why Clean HTML is Crucial for SEO

Clean HTML is fundamental for effective SEO. It ensures that search engines can easily read and index a website. Excessive or improper code, like invalid classes and IDs, can hinder how search engines interact with your site.

Clean HTML contributes to a more manageable codebase and smaller page size, crucial for SEO efficiency.

  • Improved Readability: Search engines better interpret and rank well-structured HTML.
  • Reduced Code Clutter: Elimination of unnecessary elements leads to leaner code and smaller page sizes.

Common Issues with HTML from Rich Text Editors

Rich text editors are handy for content creation but often add extra HTML markup when pasted into WordPress. This markup can clutter your HTML with unnecessary elements, leading to validation errors and disrupting your site's SEO health.

  • Unwanted Markup: Irrelevant classes, IDs, inline styles, and deprecated tags.
  • Impact on SEO: Validation errors and cluttered HTML affecting site’s SEO health.

How Infinitnet HTML Cleaner Addresses These Challenges

Infinitnet's HTML Cleaner efficiently removes redundant HTML elements, ensuring compatibility with WordPress formatting standards.

It streamlines the HTML, making it cleaner and more manageable, which is beneficial for both the website's maintenance and its SEO performance.

  • Automatic Cleanup: Removes unnecessary classes, IDs, bold headings, and tags.
  • User-Friendly Interface: Accessible for all levels of users.


Infinitnet’s HTML Cleaner is a vital tool for WordPress publishers focusing on SEO. It not only cleans but also optimizes HTML for the web.

This tool is instrumental in maintaining lean and error-free page and post content, reducing page size, and increasing the SEO potential of your WordPress content.

  • SEO Enhancement: Lean and clean HTML contributing to better search engine visibility.
  • Overall Quality: Improved HTML structure for a more efficient and appealing website.