Relevant Recent Posts

Adds WordPress shortcodes for recent posts lists.


  1. Download the latest release here
  2. Install & activate
  3. Use available shortcodes anywhere (see below)


The Relevant Recent Posts plugin enhances your WordPress site by providing a simple yet flexible way to display lists of recent posts. It's particularly useful for bloggers and content-focused websites, where showcasing related or recent content can improve SEO, user engagement, and site navigation.

Available Shortcodes

  • [recentposts]: Displays the 10 most recent posts from the same category as the current post.
  • [recentposts count=5]: Changes the number of displayed posts. Replace 5 with your desired number.
  • [recentposts scope=global]: Displays recent posts from all categories.
  • [recentposts date=modified]: Sorts posts by the last modified date instead of the published date.
  • [recentposts nonav]: Removes <nav> tags from the posts list.
  • [recentposts class=example-class]: Applies a custom CSS class (example-class) to the list for styling. Replace example-class with your own class name.
  • You can combine multiple parameters, like [recentposts date=modified scope=global count=5 class=example-class].


Add the shortcode [recentposts] to any post, page, or widget where you want to display the list of recent posts. Customize its behavior using the available parameters.