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The Circle Jerk Silo Structure (Guide + Template)

I've extensively tested most siloing methods you can imagine. From Bruce Clay's silos to hub pages, linking all pages within a content cluster together to whatever I came up with or read somewhere. None of them yielded the results I was hoping for. About a year ago, I figured out a siloing technique that beat […]

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Advanced Schema Markup For SEO (MREIDs & Entities)

Structured data provides search engines with additional context about your website and content. Yet, I don't see many SEOs even remotely use schema markup to its full potential. There's so much more to it than basic FAQ and Review schema. In fact, more than any guide could cover. This is why I'll focus on how […]

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How to Track Your Affiliate Sales in Google Analytics

Properly tracking and attributing your affiliate sales ain't easy, especially if you work with many smaller networks or go direct (which you should!). If you run A/B tests with Google Optimize (again, which you should!), you'll want to look at the actual conversions and transactions as well and not just affiliate link clicks. The solution […]

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Conversion Rate Hack For Affiliate Sites (34%+ CVR Increase)

If you want to increase the conversion rate of your affiliate sites, there's a simple hack that many affiliates miss out on. While it's common practice to add comparison tables at the top of "best" round-ups, I don't see above-the-fold CTAs being used for single product reviews often. But, guess what? Above-the-fold CTAs work well […]

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An Internal Links Hack You Probably Don't Use

Everyone knows that internal links are important for many reasons. They improve crawlability, pass link equity, relevance, and so on. When you build out a content cluster around a specific topic, you'll make sure the articles contain contextual links to your pillar pages you want to rank the most within that cluster. Suppose you want […]

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[Video] How to Audit Your Backlink Profile (w/ Template)

Learn how to audit your backlink profile and find potentially toxic and low-quality sites linking to yours. This is a quick demo of a basic backlink audit to quickly spot links that could hurt your rankings. This doesn't replace manual investigation and assessment, but gives you a good starting point without having to pay for […]

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[Video] On-Page & Technical SEO Audit of an Amazon Affiliate Site

Watch me audit an Amazon affiliate survival niche site for technical and on-page errors. Fixing these usually gets you results FAST! I also touch basic conversion rate optimization (CRO) of Amazon affiliate sites. Here's the video:

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Is Traffic a Ranking Factor? [Case Study]

Is traffic a ranking factor and if so, what’s its weight? That’s a question that Google answers with “No”. Hi Suhas! No, traffic to a website isn't a ranking factor. If you're starting to get relevant traffic & users love your site, that's a good start though! — Google Webmasters (@googlewmc) August 26, 2019 Of […]

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A Guide to Proper Link Building

I know, I know… Who needs another link building guide? It's like every SEO on the planet blogs about how to build links. But only a few if any focus on the most important factors that make a link building campaign actually drive results. In this article, I’m going to dive into only the core factors […]

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