N-Gram Analyzer & Viewer

Analyze text for SEO with Infinitnet's N-Gram Analyzer & Viewer. Extract unigrams, bigrams, and trigrams, remove stopwords, and lemmatize to find key phrases and their frequencies.

Infinitnet's N-Gram Analyzer & Viewer provides text analysis aimed at providing data for improving SEO performance.

By extracting and analyzing n-grams (combinations of words), users can identify key phrases and their frequencies within a text.

The N-Gram Analyzer & Viewer supports advanced features such as stopword removal and lemmatization to refine the analysis.

Key Features

  • Text Normalization: Converts text to lowercase, decodes HTML entities, and removes extra whitespace.
  • Stopword Removal: Filters out common stopwords to focus on meaningful words.
  • Lemmatization: Reduces words to their base or root form, improving the accuracy of n-gram extraction.
  • N-gram Extraction: Identifies and counts occurrences of 1-grams (unigrams), 2-grams (bigrams), 3-grams (trigrams), and 4-grams (fourgrams).
  • Density Calculation: Computes the relative frequency (density) of each n-gram as a percentage of the total words.


  1. Input Text: Paste the text into the provided textarea.
  2. Configure Options:
    • Ignore Stopwords: Check this option to remove stopwords.
    • Use Lemmatization: Check this option to apply lemmatization.
  3. Analyze Text: Click the "Analyze ↪" button to perform the analysis.


The output includes detailed tables for each n-gram (1-gram to 4-gram) with the following columns:

  • N-gram: The n-gram itself.
  • Count: The number of occurrences of the n-gram in the text.
  • Density (%): The frequency of the n-gram as a percentage of the total words.

The output tables can be downloaded as CSV files for further analysis and processing.