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No-Bullshit Link Building Outreach

Are you fed up with link building campaigns that drive little to no results?

100% White Hat

All backlinks are white hat, niche relevant and acquired by outreach. No PBNs or low quality domains.

FREE Anchor Text Audit

Anchors make or break your rankings. If you want, we select the best anchor text strategy for you.

Contextual Links

All links are placed within relevant content on niche-specific domains for maximum ranking power.

Infinitnet vs. Other Providers

Why our link outreach service is superior.

Our Guest Posts

Use Ahrefs organic traffic metrics
Are only placed on highly relevant domains
Are 100% contextual links
No footprints

Other Guest Posts

Use BS domain metrics like DA
Are often placed on generic blogs or content farms
Are sometimes author bio links
Often have footprints (same author, etc.)

Backlinks That Move the Needle

Most link building services either rely on backlink spam (read: blog comments, forum profiles, web 2.0s), PBNs or author bio links from guest posts. While link spam is simply inefficient and will either do nothing or get you a penalty, the other two options aren’t much better.

PBNs do get you results if they’re done right (99% of the time they aren’t). But Google is after them because they’re a popular black hat technique, which makes using them highly risky.

Guest posting is considered white hat and is the #1 backlink strategy everyone’s using today. However, there are certain things to be aware of, that many providers don’t take into account.

Most popular websites that accept guest posts turned into content farms and a backlink from these provides little to no SEO value. Furthermore, almost every guest posting service out there uses DA or other domain metrics to determine quality and price of the backlink. These metrics are great to simply compare domains, but utterly useless to determine how much love Google actually gives to a domain.

A domain might have a high DA, but receive zero organic traffic from Google. That’s because these metrics can easily be manipulated with backlink spam. If you get a backlink from one of these domains, they do more harm than good.

This is why we exclusively use Ahrefs organic traffic estimations and DR to determine if Google loves website and how much so. If a website in your niche receives lots of organic traffic from Google, you got to get a backlink from it and that’s what we make happen.


Want us to manage your link building?

How It Works

Step 1: Outreach

We reach out to the best relevant blogs in your niche and pitch a suitable guest post topic.

Step 2: Content

We write a killer post about a topic that’s relevant to your website and hand it over to the editors.

Step 3: Report

As soon as the content has been published, you receive a report and can watch your rankings grow.

Anchor Text Consultancy

Selecting the right anchor text is at least as important as the quality of the domain and page you receive a backlink from.

If you under-optimize your anchor text profile, you waste your link building budget at best and in the worst case you might actually mess up your chances of ranking for your target keywords.

And if you over-optimize your anchor text profile, you’ll get penalized by search engines and could lose your chances of ranking for anything.

Because many SEOs struggle to select the right anchors, we offer free consultancy on what anchors to select for your target URL.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to see results?
This depends on your keywords, their competition, your anchors, the number and quality of your links, on-page SEO and many other factors. However, in most cases should see at least some movement in SERPs after one to two weeks after we completed your order.
How long does it take to complete my order?
This depends on the number of links you ordered. Usually we’ll have all links online within two to four weeks. Bulk orders might require more time to complete.
Are your links Penguin proof and white hat?
Yes, the links are white hat and you won’t get any issues with Penguin. However, this mainly depends on the anchors you select. So if you’re unsure, please ask us for a second opinion on your anchor text strategy or let us decide which anchors to use.
How long do your links stay online?

Our links usually stay online for years.

Can I pre-approve domains I want links from?

No. We reach out to many webmasters at once. We can’t know upfront which guest post negotations are going to be successful and which aren’t and who accepts the article first.