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⁠Constantin Oesterling

I rank websites.

...usually my own⁠—not the ones of clients. You won't find any standard SEO services here. Every site, niche, and SERP is different and requires a unique strategy.

What I can do for you depends on your individual situation. An audit to assess that is always a good start.

Flawless Technical & On-Page

This is the foundation.

Juicy Tiered Link Building

This is the rocket fuel.

Traffic Manipulation

This is the cherry on top.

Magic & Fairy Dust

This is the secret ingredient tying it all together.
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[Video] How to Audit Your Backlink Profile (w/ Template)

Learn how to audit your backlink profile and find potentially toxic and low-quality sites linking to yours. This is a quick demo of a basic backlink audit to quickly spot links that could hurt your rankings. This doesn't replace manual investigation and assessment, but gives you a good starting point without having to pay for […]

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[Video] On-Page & Technical SEO Audit of an Amazon Affiliate Site

Watch me audit an Amazon affiliate survival niche site for technical and on-page errors. Fixing these usually gets you results FAST! I also touch basic conversion rate optimization (CRO) of Amazon affiliate sites. Here's the video:

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Is Traffic a Ranking Factor? [Case Study]

Is traffic a ranking factor and if so, what’s its weight? That’s a question that Google answers with “No”. Hi Suhas! No, traffic to a website isn't a ranking factor. If you're starting to get relevant traffic & users love your site, that's a good start though! — Google Webmasters (@googlewmc) August 26, 2019 Of […]

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A Guide to Proper Link Building

I know, I know… Who needs another link building guide? It's like every SEO on the planet blogs about how to build links. But only a few if any focus on the most important factors that make a link building campaign actually drive results. In this article, I’m going to dive into only the core factors […]

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